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Introducing the NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer – A geo-view into historical patterns of smoke-free policy coverage in the U.S.

Screenshot of NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer with tab for smoke-free workplace laws open and map showing state and local coverage; tabs for smokefree restaurants and bars are visible but closed.

The NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer is an interactive online resource for the mapping, querying, and downloading of historical smoke-free policy data in the United States. The tool reveals variation across U.S. cities, counties, and states by the types of indoor areas that are smoke-free, length of time since the smoke-free policy came into effect, and number of people who are protected by the policy. This information was obtained from the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation

The NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer provides access to the following statistics at state, county, and city levels:

  • Laws requiring 100% smoke-free non-hospitality workplaces
  • Laws requiring 100% smoke-free restaurants
  • Laws requiring 100% smoke-free freestanding bars

For more information, see the companion paper that describes the development of the NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer:
A Geo-view into Historical Patterns of Smoke-Free Policy Coverage in the USA.
Zaria Tatalovich, David G Stinchcomb, Jeremy A Lyman, Yvonne Hunt, James E Cucinelli






Zaria Tatalovich, National Cancer Institute