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Basic Package Attributes
Title GeneArtisan
Short Description Simulation of Markers in Case-Control Study Designs
Long Description GeneArtisan: Simulation of Markers in Case-Control Study Designs Version 1.1 Release Date 22 May 2005. Note: This release implements an improved algorithm for simulating samples that allows larger intervals to be used and dramatically improves execution time. Check this page for updates and bug reports. Reference: Y. Wang and B. Rannala. 2005. In Silico Analysis of Disease-Association Mapping Strategies Using the Coalescent Process and Incorporating Ascertainment and Selection. American Journal of Human Genetics 76:1066-1073. Program Support: Questions about general issues/problems using this program can be directed to .
Version 1.1
Project Started 2005
Last Release 16 years, 3 months ago
Citations Wang Y, Rannala B, In silico analysis of disease-association mapping strategies using the coalescent process and incorporating ascertainment and selection., Am J Hum Genet, 06-01-2005 [ Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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Detailed Attributes
Attribute CategoryAttribute
Type of Simulated DataGenotype at Genetic Markers,
VariationsBiallelic Marker, Single Nucleotide Variation,
Simulation MethodExact Coalescent,
Data Type
File format
Data TypeGenotype or Sequence,
Sequencing Reads
File Format
Sample TypeCase-control,
Trait TypeBinary or Qualitative,
DeterminantsSingle Genetic Marker,
Evolutionary Features
Population Size ChangesConstant Size, Exponential Growth or Decline,
Gene Flow
Life Cycle
Mating SystemRandom Mating,
Natural Selection
RecombinationVarying Recombination Rates,
Mutation ModelsStepwise Mutation Model,
Events Allowed
InterfaceCommand-line, Graphical User Interface,
Tested PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix,
LanguageC or C++,
LicenseGNU Public License,
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