The Joinpoint Regression Program is a Windows-based statistical software package that analyzes joinpoint models. The software enables the user to test whether or not an apparent change in trend is statistically significant.

Joinpoint fits the selected trend data (e.g., cancer rates) into the simplest joinpoint model that the data allow. The resulting graph is like the figure below, where several different lines are connected together at the "joinpoints."

Joinpoint Sample Graph

Joinpoint also allows the user to view one graph for each joinpoint model, from the model with the minimum number of joinpoints to the model with maximum number of joinpoints.

You may use any software to create data files to be analyzed by Joinpoint (see Input Data File). The SEER*Stat software provides an easy mechanism for creating data files containing cancer rates or counts that can be analyzed by Joinpoint. The controls on the Joinpoint Specifications tab will be set automatically if you load data files exported from SEER*Stat. To learn more about the SEER*Stat software visit the SEER*Stat Web site at: