Joinpoint Presentations from Conferences

The Joinpoint Team occasionally gives presentations about Joinpoint software and methods at conferences. A description of a recent presentation is listed below, and these presenters allowed their presentation to be made available upon request. If you are interested in receiving the slides from this presentation, please use the "Contact Joinpoint Technical Support" form.

"Is the Trend Changing? Joinpoint Regression Analysis"

Hyune-Ju Kim, Syracuse University
Eric J. (Rocky) Feuer, National Cancer Institute
Michael J. Barrett, IMS, Inc.
Presented at NCHS
May 2012 in Hyattsville, MD

In this presentation, we first provide an overview of the methodology and its statistical content. We discuss how Joinpoint identifies the numbers of change-points and estimates the model parameters with their associated p-values. We also discuss various parameter settings in Joinpoint, focusing on what they are, when to use, and how to determine the parameter values. We also discuss its extension to compare two or more groups of data in addressing questions such as if two groups share the same slope changes. Then, we demonstrate Joinpoint software, including how to prepare the input data files, select the appropriate settings, and export and use of the results. We also present some of the latest features such as Hudson's Method, AAPC, and Pair-wise Differences. Finally, we present some examples, which are expected to highlight important characteristics and challenges in trend data analysis.

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