Viewing Results

This window displays the Output results of your joinpoint analysis. The various tabs (Graph, Data, Model Estimates, Trends, Model Selection, or Comparison) allow you to view graphs, view the graph data, or view the other analysis results. You may also access both the graph data and the report information by exporting these for use by other software packages (Excel, SAS, etc.).

The Cohort Tree control on the left of the Output Window selects which By-Group and Model (i.e. the 1 joinpoint model or the 3 joinpoint model) to display. The bottom of this window displays the Rate setting and the version of Joinpoint that this output was created in.

The Joinpoint calculation engine displays the output window but doesn't automatically save or create a permanent output file. You can save the output as a single binary file and/or you can export the graph data and the report information as text files. JPO (Joinpoint Output) is the extension Joinpoint uses for the output files.

Navigating through the different cohorts: Cohort Tree

How different session types are displayed: Viewing Output from the Different Analysis Types

Tabs you can view on this window are:


Possible options from this window are (most are accessible from the Output menu):