Zaria Tatalovich

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Zaria Tatalovich, PhD

Geospatial Scientist

Phone: 240-276-6976

Areas of Expertise:

  • Geographic Information Systems, Science, and Technology
  • Geospatial analysis, modeling, and visualization of population-based cancer data

Dr. Zaria Tatalovich, Ph.D., is a Geospatial Scientist in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Tatalovich received her PhD in Geography from the University of Southern California and MA degree in Geography from the California State University Los Angeles. Her research interests are in geospatial modeling of environmental and social prognostic factors for cancer.

Since joining NCI in August 2008 Dr. Tatalovich has provided leadership in cancer surveillance; development of geospatial tools, models, and data for assessment of geographic variations in cancer risk; organized workshops, webinars, and conferences in support of integrating spatial science into population-based cancer research. Dr. Tatalovich is a scientific lead for State Cancer Profiles and GIS for Cancer Control, a web-based geospatial resources for cancer control planning and research. She is a co-developer for the geospatial mapping tools including NCI Cancer Atlas, NCI Map Stories, Animated Historical Cancer Atlas, and NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer.