Virtual Pooled Registry-Cancer Linkage System (VPR-CLS) Project

The goal of the Virtual Pooled Registry-Cancer Linkage System (VPR-CLS) is to create a web-based, streamlined process for researchers to conduct minimal risk linkage studies with the nationwide resource of Central Cancer Registries. In collaboration with the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR), we are creating this system to provide researchers with initial match counts and to minimize redundancy in reviews currently needed in state-by-state applications. The VPR-CLS is designed to save time, cost and effort from both researcher and state/registry perspectives.

A Templated IRB/Registry Application (TIRA) was developed after review of all forms previously used (both registry/IRB specific) for optional use in lieu of state-specific applications. An NCI-funded Central IRB (CIRB) will be put in place to speedily handle the IRB review as allowed by local/state IRBs. All participating registries will securely receive study linkage files in a standardized format and use a single linkage software (Match*Pro). Many registries/states have declared their willingness to use the TIRA in lieu of their own forms, and/or cede any needed IRB review to the CIRB.

The VPR-CLS is planned to be fully operational by the end of 2019 and the CIRB during the first part of 2020. More information can be found at the NAACCR websiteExternal Website Policy.

Last Updated: 02 Jan, 2020