Cancer Prevalence Statistics

Prevalence is defined as the number or percent of people alive on a certain date in a population who previously had a diagnosis of the disease. It includes new (incidence) and pre-existing cases and is a function of both past incidence and survival. Information on prevalence can be used for health planning, resource allocation, and as an estimate of cancer survivorship. Overview of Cancer Prevalence contains a description of the methodology and the types of prevalence statistics.


SEER Cancer Statistics Review (CSR) is a report that present statistics on the following topics: Overview Tables and Figures, Childhood Cancer by the ICCC, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers, Cause-specific Survival, and Soft Tissue Sarcomas.

Interactive Tools for Accessing Precalculated Prevalence Statistics

SEER*Explorer is an interactive website that provides easy access to a wide range of SEER cancer statistics. It provides detailed statistics for a cancer site by sex, race, calendar year, age, and for a selected number of cancer sites, by stage and histology.

Cancer Query Systems: Cancer Prevalence Database is a Web-based program that allows you to select statistics by defining a variety of parameters.

The Cancer Prevalence & Cost of Care Projections website provides projections of cancer prevalence and costs of cancer care through the year 2020.

Last Updated: 15 Apr, 2021