Surveillance Research Program Staff

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SRP Main Numbers

Phone: 240-276-6740 / Fax: 240-276-7908

Office of the Associate Director (OAD)
Photos Name Areas of Expertise Contact Info
Photo of Lynne Penberthy Penberthy, Lynne - MD, MPH
Associate Director
Medical Informatics
Clinical Trials and Informatics
Cancer Surveillance Automation
Secondary Data (claims, electronic medical records)

Phone: 240-276-6864
Photo of Kathy Cronin Cronin, Kathy - PhD
Deputy Associate Director
Developing Population Survival Measures
Modeling the Impact of Risk Factors, Screening & Treatment on Breast Cancer Incidence & Mortality

Phone: 240-276-6836
Photo of Amy Garson Garson, Amy - BS
Program Analyst
In-House & Extramural Budget Administration
SEER Program Budget Administration
Meeting Support Contract Management

Phone: 240-276-6694
Photo of Annelie Landgren Landgren, Annelie – MPH
Project Manager
Project management
Process management

Phone: 240-276-7368
Photo of Tara McConville McConville, Tara – MPH
Health Communications
Program Evaluation
Health Education

Phone: 240-276-7642
Photo of Trish Murphy Murphy, Trish - MS
Program Analyst
Program Support
Program Operations

Phone: 240-276-6903
Image of Susan Scott Scott, Susan - MPH
Public Health Advisor
Scientific Editing
Communication Planning
Grants Management

Phone: 240-276-6951
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Data Analytics Branch (DAB)
Photos Name Areas of Expertise Contact Info
Photo of Angela Mariotto Mariotto, Angela - PhD
Chief, DAB
Development, Evaluation & Dissemination of Cancer Progress Measures
Development and Application of Models to Predict Cancer Incidence and Prevalence
Models for Survival Projections

Phone: 240-276-6698
Gonçalo Forjaz de Lacerda Forjaz de Lacerda, Gonçalo
Guest Researcher
Cancer Registration
Descriptive Epidemiology

Phone: 240-276-7149
Photo of Rose Fredua Fredua, Rose - BS
Program Analyst
Grants Policy & Management
Program Evaluation
Contracts & Budget Management
Interagency Agreements

Phone: 240-276-6923
Photo of Nadia Howlader Howlader, Nadia - PhD, MS
Mathematical Statistician
Statistical Methods for the Estimation of Population-Based Cancer Statistics
Survival Analysis
Missing Data

Phone: 240-276-6891
Photo of Clara Lam Lam, Clara - PhD
Mathematical Statistician
Development and Improvement of Linkage Claims Treatment Data
Population-based Cancer Statistics
Cancer Trends

Phone: 240-276-7388
Photo of Denise Lewis Lewis, Denise - PhD, MPH
Cancer Rates and Trends
Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancers
Geospatial Analysis
Determinants of Health Disparities

Phone: 240-276-6757
Photo of Anne-Michelle Noone Noone, Anne-Michelle - MS
Mathematical Statistician
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Population-Based Cancer Statistics
Cancer Trends

Phone: 240-276-6705
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Data Quality, Analysis, and Interpretation Branch (DQAIB)
Photos Name Areas of Expertise E-mail
Photo of Serban Negoita Negoita, Serban – MD, DrPH
Chief, DQAIB
Cancer registry operations
Cancer data quality assessments
Racial/ethnic disparities in cancer treatment

Phone: 240-276-5409
Photo of Peggy Adamo Adamo, Peggy - BS, RHIT, CTR
Team Lead, Quality Improvement Team
Cancer Data Collection, Classification, Quality, Completeness, Timeliness
Cancer Registrar Training

Phone: 240-276-6867
Photo of Monique Cropp-Puckett Cropp-Puckett, Monique
Program Analyst
Budget Administration
Acquisition Support
Program Support
Photo of Lois Dickie Dickie, Lois - CTR
Public Health Analyst
Cancer Registry Operations
American Indian/Alaskan Native Data Collection

Phone: 240-276-6862
Photo of Rebecca Ehrenkranz Ehrenkranz, Rebecca - MPH
Clinical Trials
Data Quality

Phone: 240-276-7810
Photo of Sarah Hussey Hussey, Sarah - MS
Science Program Manager
Health Communications
Project Management
Social Media

Phone: 240-276-6926
Photo of Valentina Petkov Petkov, Valentina - MD, MPH
Health Sciences Administrator/Program Officer
Data Assessment (Scientific and clinical relevance; data quality)
Automation of data collection (Data linkages, Natural Language Processing)
Population-based cancer statistics
Precision Medicine
Clinical Trials

Phone: 240-276-5387
Photo of Jennifer Ruhl Ruhl, Jennifer - MS, CCS, RHIT, CTR
Public Health Analyst
Cancer Registry Surveillance

Phone: 240-276-6808
Photo of Connor Valenzuela Valenzuela, Connor - MPH
Data Analysis

Phone: 240-276-5467

Photo of Alison Van Dyke Van Dyke, Alison – MD, PhD
Surgical Pathology
Cancer Epidemiology
Developing Biospecimen Processes
Cancer Biology

Phone: 240-276-6039
Photo of Yao Yuan Yuan, Yao – PhD, MPH Cancer Epidemiology
Cancer Genomics
Molecular Biology and Immunology

Phone: 240-276-6391
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Statistical Research & Applications Branch (SRAB)
Photos Name Areas of Expertise E-mail
Photo of Eric Feuer Feuer, Rocky - PhD
Chief, SRAB
Cancer Control Modeling
Statistical Methods for the Analysis, Interpretation, and Presentation of Population-based Cancer Statistics
Development of New Cancer Progress Measures
Survival Analysis

Phone: 240-276-6772
Photo of Huann-Sheng Chen Chen, Huann-Sheng - PhD
Mathematical Statistician
Statistical Genetics
Genetic Epidemiology

Phone: 240-276-6797
Photo of Benmei Liu Liu, Benmei - PhD
Mathematical Statistician
Sample Survey Design & Analysis
Small Area Estimation
Imputation for Missing Data

Phone: 240-276-6718
Photo of Zaria Tatalovich Tatalovich, Zaria - PhD
Geospatial Scientist
Geographic Information Systems, Science, and Technology
Geospatial analysis, modeling, and visualization of population-based cancer data

Phone: 240-276-6976
Photo of Mandi Yu Yu, Mandi- PhD
Team Lead, Population and Mortality Data
Statistical Disclosure Limitation
Methods for Missing Data
Statistical Estimation of Health Disparities
Statistical Matching and Record Linkage Methods

Phone: 240-276-6866
Photo of Li Zhu Zhu, Li - PhD
Mathematical Statistician
Spatial Statistics, Bayesian Statistics, Hierarchical Modeling
Geographic Information Systems
Disease Mapping

Phone: 240-276-6851
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Surveillance Informatics Branch (SIB)
Photos Name Areas of Expertise E-mail
Photo of Steve Friedman Friedman, Steve - MHSA
Acting Branch Chief, SIB
Program Operations
Clinical Trials and Informatics
Data Quality

Phone: 240-276-6138
Photo of Sylkk Ansah Ansah, Sylkk - B.Sc.
Project Coordinator
Project Management
Project Coordination

Phone: 240-276-5927
Photo of Jessica Boten Boten, Jessica - MPH
Communications Specialist
Project Management
Health Communications
Inter-Government Agency Collaboration & Operations

Phone: 240-276-6281
Photo of Melissa Bruno Bruno, Melissa - MPH
Project Management Fellow
Project Management

Phone: 240-276-5307
Photo of Andrew Grothen Grothen, Andrew - PharmD
Health Education
Healthcare Services Research

Phone: 240-276-7192
Photo of Marina Matatova Matatova, Marina - MA
Informatics Program Manager
Health Informatics
Technical Project Management
Software and System Development Governance
Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach
Human Computer Interaction

Phone: 240-276-6269

Photo of Mita Myneni Myneni, Mita – MBA, MS
Project Manager
Project Management
Program Support

Phone: 240-276-5411
Photo of Donna Rivera Rivera, Donna - PharmD, MS
Scientific Project Officer
Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacosurveillance
Health Outcomes & Utilization Research
Precision Medicine & Targeted Therapeutics
Enhancing Treatment Data

Phone: 240-276-6809

Photo of Catherine Wang Wang, Catherine - PharmD
Health Economics
Outcomes Research

Phone: 240-276-6268

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Administrative Support
Photo Name Phone # E-mail
Photo of Monique Alston Alston, Monique
Program Specialist
Photo of Sherri Cook Cook, Sherri
Extramural Support Assistant
Photo of Anastasia Nosiri Nosiri, Anastasia
Administrative Support Assistant
Photo of Marianna Philip Philip, Marianna
Program Support Assistant
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Administrative Resource Center (ARC)
Name Title Phone # E-mail
Kashanchi, Mary Deputy ARC Manager 240-276-6874
Holliday, Kayla Administrative Officer 240-276-6838
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