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Title GASP
Short Description Genometric Analysis Simulation Program. A software tool for testing and investigating methods in statistical genetics by generating samples of family data based on user specified models.
Long Description The Genometric Analysis Simulation Program (G.A.S.P.) is a software tool that can generate samples of family data based on user specified genetic models. Data generated can be as simple as a single sample of random individuals with a single normally distributed trait or as complex as thousands of samples of extended families with multiple traits based on a linear combination of major locus, polygenic, common sibship environment and covariate components. Traits can be generated based on a number of user specified components, and components can be unique to a single trait or shared by multiple traits. The user first specifies a list of all desired components and then creates each trait by specifying the desired component weighted by its contribution to the phenotypic variance. G.A.S.P. can be used in two ways. First, data can be generated in a standalone fashion. The resulting family data can be saved and then used as sample data for demonstrating applications and methods of genetic analysis or for testing and verifying newly developed algorithms in statistical genetics. A simple driver ("dataonly") is provided for this application. Second, data can be generated and analyzed immediately using an existing statistical package. A driver can be designed to call subroutine versions of widely available genetic analysis programs.
Version V3.33 (7/30/2003)
Project Started 1997
Last Release 18 years, 1 month ago
Citations Wilson, A.F., Bailey-Wilson, J.E., Pugh, E.W., Sorant, A.J.M., The Genometric Analysis Simulation Program (G.A.S.P.): a software tool for testing and investigating methods in statistical genetics, Am J Hum Genet., None
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Detailed Attributes
Attribute CategoryAttribute
Type of Simulated DataGenotype at Genetic Markers,
VariationsBiallelic Marker, Single Nucleotide Variation,
Simulation MethodOther,
Data Type
File format
Data TypeGenotype or Sequence, Individual Relationship,
Sequencing Reads
File Format
Sample TypeRandom or Independent, Sibpairs, Trios and Nuclear Families, Extended or Complete Pedigrees,
Trait TypeQuantitative, Multiple (Traits could share components and be related),
DeterminantsSingle Genetic Marker, Multiple Genetic Markers, Environmental Factors,
Evolutionary Features
Population Size ChangesConstant Size,
Gene Flow
Life Cycle
Mating System
Natural Selection
Mutation Models
Events Allowed
Tested PlatformsLinux and Unix (Dec unix), Solaris, Others (Irix),
LanguageOther (Fortran),
LicenseOther (United states government work),
GSR CertificationDocumentation,

The following 7 publications are selected examples of applications that used GASP.


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