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Title msms
Short Description A coalescent Simlation tool with selection.
Long Description This document describes how to use msms, a tool to generate sequence samples under both neutral models and a single locus selection model. msms permits the full range of demographic models provided by ms(Hudson, 2002). In partic-ular, it allows for multiple demes with arbitrary migration patterns, population growth and decay in each deme, and for population splits and mergers. Selection (including dominance) can depend on the deme and also change with time. The program is designed to be command line compatible to ms, however no prior knowledge of ms is assumed for this document. Applications of this program include power studies, analytical comparisons, approximated Bayesian computation among many others. Because most applications require the generation of a large number of independent replicates, the code is designed to be efficient and fast. For the neutral case, it is comparable to ms and even faster for large recombination rates. For selection, the performance is only slightly slower, making this one of the fastest tools for simulation with selection. The program has been developed with a wide number of possible operating systems and hardware in mind. For this reason, the code has been developed in Java and can run on any hardware that supports Java 1.6. This includes Mac OS X, all current versions of MS Windows, and most Unix flavors (Linux, Sun, BSD). The Java programing language is also popular and widely known which should facilitate the writing of extensions for the program.
Version 3.2rc-b75
Project Started 2010
Last Release 11 years ago
Citations Ewing G, Hermisson J, MSMS: a coalescent simulation program including recombination, demographic structure and selection at a single locus., Bioinformatics, 08-15-2010 [ Abstract, cited in PMC ]
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Detailed Attributes
Attribute CategoryAttribute
Type of Simulated DataHaploid DNA Sequence,
VariationsBiallelic Marker,
Simulation MethodStandard Coalescent,
Data TypeAllele Frequencies,
File formatMS,
Data TypeGenotype or Sequence,
Sequencing ReadsOther,
File FormatMS,
Sample Type
Trait Type
Evolutionary Features
Population Size ChangesConstant Size, Exponential Growth or Decline,
Gene FlowIsland Models, User-defined Matrix,
Life Cycle
Mating SystemRandom Mating,
Natural Selection
RecombinationVarying Recombination Rates,
Mutation Models
Events AllowedVarying Demographic Features, Other,
InterfaceCommand-line, Script-based,
Tested PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix,
LicenseGNU Public License,
GSR CertificationAccessibility, Documentation, Application,

The following 7 publications are selected examples of applications that used msms.


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vonHoldt BM, Kartzinel RY, Huber CD, Le Underwood V, Zhen Y, Ruegg K, Lohmueller KE, Smith TB, Growth factor gene IGF1 is associated with bill size in the black-bellied seedcracker Pyrenestes ostrinus., Nat Commun, 11-19-2018 [Abstract]


Wetrich RM, Sidhu DS, Giant sigmoid diverticulum., West J Med, 06-01-1978 [Abstract]

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