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Title SPIP
Short Description SPIP simulates the transmission of genes from parents to offspring in a population having demographic structure defined by the user
Long Description SPIP simulates the transmission of genes from parents to offspring in a population having demographic structure defined by the user. Numerous variables controlling the age structure of the population, the number of offspring produced, the variance in male and female reproductive success, survival rates of different age classes, mate fidelity, duration of simulation, etc. can be specified by the user. The program stores the pedigree of all individuals in the simulated population. This pedigree is used to simulate genetic data on sampled individuals by tracing lineages back through paternal or maternal genes within each sampled individual. Data may be simulated for an arbitrary number of loci that are assumed to be independently segregating and to not be subject to natural selection, nor linked to any selected genes. Genotypes are reported in terms of both "founder alleles" (i.e., each distinct allele amongst the founders of the pedigree is given a distinct label) and also in terms of alleles whose frequencies amongst the founding members of the pedigree may be specified by the user.
Version 1.0
Project Started 2005
Last Release 16 years, 8 months ago
Citations E. C. ANDERSON and K. K. DUNHAM, SPIP 1.0: a program for simulating pedigrees and genetic data in age‐structured populations, Molecular Ecology Note, 05-12-2005
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Detailed Attributes
Attribute CategoryAttribute
Type of Simulated DataGenotype at Genetic Markers,
VariationsBiallelic Marker,
Simulation MethodForward-time,
Data TypeAllele Frequencies,
File formatGenepop,
Data TypeGenotype or Sequence, Individual Relationship, Demographic,
Sequencing Reads
File FormatGenepop, Other (Morgan),
Sample Type
Trait Type
Evolutionary Features
Population Size ChangesUser Defined,
Gene FlowSex or Age-Specific Migration Rates, User-defined Matrix,
Life Cycle
Mating SystemRandom Mating, Monogamous,
FecundityConstant Number,
Natural Selection
Mutation Models
Events AllowedVarying Demographic Features,
InterfaceCommand-line, Script-based,
Tested PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix,
LanguageC or C++,
LicenseGNU Public License,
GSR CertificationSupport,

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