Download the Head-Bang PC Software

The Head-Bang software is available for use on PCs with Windows in two forms. The first has a typical Windows graphical interface. The second can be called from the command-line, that is, it can be called from within other programs as a console application.

Head-Bang 4.1 (64-bit only)

Head-Bang 4.1 (64-bit only) was released April 2019 and can be used both in Windows and as a console version.

Head-Bang 3.0

Head-Bang 3.0 was released April 2003 (console version of this program was released in September 2003). A revision history describing changes made for this release is provided in readme.txt.

Windows Version of Head-Bang (Graphical Interface)
Version 3.0 Installation Program: hbWinv3_0.exe
Release Date: April 2003.

Console Version of Head-Bang (Command-Line Interface)
(this version can be called from within other programs, such as S-Plus)
Version 3.0 Installation Program: hbcv3_0.exe
Release Date: September 2003.

S-Plus Source Code to Call Console Version of Head-Bang:
S-Plus Source Code: splus.sample.txt

If you have problems downloading Head-Bang, please email Head-Bang Technical Support.

Last Updated: 03 Oct, 2019