Hudson's Method Disabled

Why is the Hudson's Method disabled?


In version, Hudson’s Algorithm (used to estimate the exact best fitting location of joinpoints in continuous time) was temporarily disabled.  It was determined that the algorithms for setting how close joinpoints can be to each other and to the ends of the series, were not working properly when using the Hudson’s Algorithm.  When examining this issue in detail, it was determined that there were some complicated interactions between these settings and the use of the Hudson’s Algorithm. We were not fully able to work out these issues in time for this release.  Since version had some important other updates, we decided to temporarily disable Hudson’s Algorithm.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

But what about sessions that were created in the past with Hudson’s Algorithm? Were they wrong? The answer is no. The parameters supplied to Hudson’s Algorithm were just not being used correctly. Hudson’s was incorrectly bounding the location of potential Joinpoints more than should have been done with the given parameters. Hudson’s should have considered a wider area for potential Joinpoint placement. The use of the same parameters for both Grid Search and Hudson’s Method in older versions of Joinpoint led to Hudson’s being forced to use parameters that weren’t specific for its own use.