Using Excel as a Data Source

When I use Excel as my data source, why do I get "#####" in the data?


When using Excel as your data source, Joinpoint will import the values from the Excel spreadsheet exactly as they look. It does not take the actual value in the cell, it takes the formatted display value.

For example, in your Excel spreadsheet you have a cell with the value 5.1234. You have formatted the column it’s in to display just 1 decimal place. So in the spreadsheet you see 5.1. When you import this data, Joinpoint will import the value as 5.1. The data displayed in the grid on the Input File tab of your Joinpoint session will reflect this.

The most common reason to get “######” in a field is that the column is too small. You just need to resize your column large enough to display all of the data in the column. You then need to save your Excel spreadsheet, and then reimport it into Joinpoint.




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