Saving Results to PDF or Word

How do I save Joinpoint results to PDF or Word?


Joinpoint results from all of the tabs in the Output Window can be exported to PDF or Word via the Report Viewer. You must follow the same steps as you would to print results, but instead of sending the results to a printer, you can direct Joinpoint to save the results to PDF or Word. Please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the output or session window you want to print has focus.
  • Click on the print icon ( ) shown in the main Joinpoint toolbar or select the File > Print... menu item.
  • A window will appear providing you with Print Options.
  • Select the Cohort, Model, and Output information you wish to print.
  • Click the Print button.
  • A report viewer window will appear containing a ‘Print Preview’ of the information you have selected to print.
  • The results displayed in the report viewer can now be exported to PDF or Word. At the top of the report viewer window click on the Export icon ( ). If you place the mouse over the icon, a ‘hint’ will be displayed saying ‘Export’.
  • Once the icon is pressed, a menu will appear under it. From this menu, select the output type you want: PDF or Word.
  • Once an output type is selected, you will be able to specify a file name and location to save the resultant file.