Complete Prevalence (ComPrev) Software

Version 3.0.23 (Beta) released December 2018

We are pleased to announce a beta version of a completely new Comprev software application. This new version has been completely updated with a new interface and online help. This release is labeled “Beta”, which means we continue to fix bugs and add new features to the program. At this time, there are no known calculation errors in the program.

The ComPrev software calculates complete prevalence based on limited-duration prevalence statistics. Complete prevalence represents the proportion of people alive on a certain day who previously had a diagnosis of the disease, regardless of how long ago the cancer was diagnosed. The software contains incidence and survival models estimated using SEER cancer data for a combination of cancer sites, sex and races. These models are used to calculate the completeness index (Capocaccia & De Angelis, 1997; Merrill et al., 2000). The completeness index represents the percent of "completeness" of limited duration prevalence. For example, 90% indicates that limited duration prevalence represents 90% of complete prevalence. Complete prevalence is calculated by dividing limited duration prevalence by the completeness index as a proportion. Limited-duration prevalence statistics can be extracted from SEER*Stat software and imported into ComPrev. The software provides standard errors for complete prevalence estimates using methods from Gigli et al., 2006.


  • A collection of tutorials for Comprev can be found on the Tutorials page of the online help.


To access the online help, please go to the Comprev Online Help site.

  • A list of changes and additions made in this version can be found under Version History.
  • A list of technical requirements for the program can be found under Technical Requirements.
  • A list of commonly asked questions can be found under FAQ.
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Download ComPrev Version 3.0.23 (Beta)

Download the installation program for ComPrev Version 3.0.23 (Beta)

If you have problems downloading ComPrev or questions about the application, please email ComPrev Technical Support.