Characterizing Trends in Melanoma Mortality

The US mortality trends (1975-2018) in SEER*Explorer are modeled by standard Joinpoint model, which does not take into account the ICD9/ICD10 coding change in 1999. Even though the ICD9/ICD 10 coding change mostly has no impact on cancer mortality trends, some cancer sites do show modest impact on trends from the coding changing. The JP-CR and JP-Jump models can be applied to model these trends. In this page, currently we include the US Melanoma mortality trends (1975-2018), which are known to have a coding induced drop of approximately 3.3 percent between 1998 and 1999.

All three models (JP-standard, JP-CR, and JP-Jump) are applied to the Melanoma mortality data. The description of fitting the three models is described in Characterizing Trends in Melanoma Mortality. The results that correspond to SEER*Explorer are shown in Alternative Explorer Tables for Melanoma Mortality.

Last Updated: 05 May, 2021