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Thank you for your interest in using the Joinpoint statistical software for the analysis of continuous linear trends with change points, i.e. joinpoints. This version of the software is supplied with a graphical user interface for use interactively. Joinpoint is a Microsoft Windows application and can only be used on a Mac in conjunction with a Windows emulator.

Version (released April 16, 2018)

New Features

  • Added “Data Dependent Selection” as a new Model Selection Method option. This is an Alpha feature.
  • Added “BIC3” as a new Model Selection Method option.
  • Added the ability to select Parametric or Empirical Quantile methods for APC and Tau Confidence Intervals.
  • Two separate methods of the Empirical Quantile confidence interval calculations are now provided: Method 1 and Method 2. This is an Alpha feature.
  • Added the option to set the seed value used for generating random numbers during resampling under the Empirical Quantile method as well as an option to keep the seed constant or have it change with each cohort.
  • A new Joinpoint File Type was created. The Joinpoint Template (.jpt) allows users to save their Session settings, including variable locations, and then create a new session with a new data file. This allows users with multiple similar data files to easily recreate sessions.
  • Added a more advanced filter control to the Cohort Tree of the Output Window.
  • Added slope significance indicator on the Output Window graph when Log Transformation is No.
  • Added a new grid to the Model Selection tab of the Output Window which displays the Model Selection Method chosen.
  • Added a footer to the Output Window to display the Confidence Interval Method used.
  • Added examples on how to call the console version from a SAS or R program.
  • Right-click “Save As” for graphs now supports PNG and TIFF formats (for normal and high resolution graphs).

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the data file preview grid (on the Input Tab of the Joinpoint session) to allow keyboard navigation.
  • Removed Multi-Group Clustering group box from the Advanced Analysis Tools Tab of the Joinpoint session.
  • Improved the loading and processing of input data files.
  • Improved the display of formulas in the online help.
  • Fixed the High Resolution Graph to look more like the normal graph.

Before downloading Joinpoint version, you must read and sign the Terms of Use Agreement below and complete the registration form. After completing the form you will receive an e-mail with a link to the software download. The download link may be used once and then it will expire. If your link has expired, request a new one using the Already Registered? form.

Terms of Use Agreement for Joinpoint Statistical Software

Please review the following terms carefully.

"Provider": the National Cancer Institute
"Recipient": the party who receives software materials from the Provider under this agreement
"Software": an interactive GUI-based version of Joinpoint, a statistical software program developed by IMS, Inc. under contract for the NCI

The Provider and Recipient agree as follows:

  1. Recipient will not license or sell or use Software for commercial purposes or applications (including consulting) for which a commercialization license would be required. Recipient's investigator shall retain control over Software and further will not transfer the Software to third parties. The Recipient agrees to not attempt to reverse engineer the Software. Recipient agrees to comply with all Federal regulations applicable to research projects and handling of research materials. Software will not be used by Recipient as an agent, device, or instrument of treatment or intervention in research with human subjects where such use would require the approval of an Institutional Review Board. The Recipient agrees to not use the Software for diagnostic purposes in human subjects.
  2. Title in the Software shall remain with the Provider. It is understood that nothing herein shall be deemed to constitute, by implication or otherwise, the grant to either Party by the other of any license or other rights under any patent, patent application or other intellectual property right or interest. Provider reserves the right to distribute Software to others and to use it for Provider's own purposes.
  3. Recipient agrees that any of its publications or presentations utilizing this Software will include appropriate acknowledgement of Provider's contribution of the Software and will include the citation found at:
  4. The Provider and Recipient each shall retain, subject to applicable laws, title to any patent, copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property of their respective employees developed or created using the Software. Neither Provider nor Recipient promise rights in advance for inventions developed under this Agreement. If the Recipient creates an invention containing the Software ("Recipient Invention") and wishes to patent the Recipient Invention, Recipient agrees to notify the Provider of the Recipient Invention prior to seeking patent protection and to work in good faith with the Provider to determine the inventive contributions of the Recipient and Provider. In the event the Recipient wishes to distribute a Recipient Invention to third parties, the Recipient will ensure that the third party is advised of the presence of the Software and of the Provider's rights therein.
  5. Software is supplied AS IS, without any accompanying services or improvements from Provider. SOFTWARE IS SUPPLIED TO RECIPIENT WITH NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Provider makes no representations that the use of Software will not infringe any patent or proprietary rights of third parties. Provider does not endorse the results of any analyses derived from the software's use, and the Recipient agrees not to claim endorsement of such results and analyses by the Provider or the United States Government. Recipient agrees not to describe statistical calculations conducted in the absence of Joinpoint as if they had been calculated by Joinpoint.
  6. Recipient represents and warrants that the Official accepting this Agreement is authorized to do so.

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